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Mexx frames are all about a youthful European look. International designers are behind this line, with designs for both men and women.


OWP is an exclusive men’s and women’s line with unique concepts for people with a pronounced taste for high-fashion eyewear.


Julbo’s focus on developing specialized frames for sports such as skiing, mountaineering and windsurfing, make Julbo a global player in the world of sunglasses and ophthalmic frames.
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The JAGUAR Eyewear collection mirrors the unique elegance and drive of the JAGUAR sports car. Design interpretations from car to eyewear such as carbon fibre details, wood grain and interior materials characterize the collection.


In order to take advantage of the expertise of an optical professional to offer their customers the best glasses, the brand decided to partner with Seaport for the development of its Eyewear ranges.

Frederick Beausoleil

Frédérique Beausoleil’s eyewear collections are aesthetic, vintage, trendy, fashionable, and out of the ordinary.
They feature revolutionary materials that match sophisticated and pure shapes., and beautiful colors to present you with refined collections.


The eyewear collections radiate elegance, fashion, sensuality, high quality, and sophistication, capturing quality craftsmanship and exquisite design for an unforgettable look.


Façonnable is a reference on the French Riviera for its beautiful cuts and finishes. The brand is now recognized worldwide for its authenticity, instinct, and talent.


The history:
NUXE, a French brand founded by Aliza Jabès, stands at the forefront of natural-origin cosmetology. Each skincare product is meticulously formulated and crafted in France, adhering to stringent pharmaceutical quality standards.


Spanish brand that captures the vibrant energy of Barcelona in bold and non-conformist collections. The brand is a fusion between design and technology, while the signature frames define lightness and strength.


Yves Cogan stands as an example of imagination, creativity, and know-how; above all else—quality frames with fun designs for any occasion.


Kaleos is a contemporary eyewear brand with a strong expertise, for women and men with refined taste, who loves beauty and for creative children.


Stylish and original, UNIfied frames allow everyone to express themselves and show their personality.
Unified creates eyewear that brings people together and helps them unify with their peers, while embracing each person's individuality.