To many designers in the bike industry, the art of making simple casual bikes looks boring and is hardly worth their time. To me, it’s a challenge to inspire people to use their bike more often and incorporate cycling into their everyday life. It’s not about how far and fast you ride or how many calories you burn.  It’s about creating a more efficient and fun way to explore your town. I am just a simple guy that likes to ride his bike for fun and easy transportation. My objections and problems are the same as yours and if I can design a bike that inspires me to ride, I’m pretty sure you’ll like to ride it, too. For me, the art is finding the perfect balance of comfort, style, performance, quality and price.
I believe what makes a good artist great is the ability to stick with the same subject and find new ways to surprise you over and over again. To look at it from every possible angle and not be afraid to change it again when he finds a better solution. It’s my passion and love for ergonomics, style and ultimately your smile that keeps me going.
With this new line of Benno Bikes I truly had the chance to start all over from scratch (and I literally mean a clean white piece of paper), distilling all my design ideas, experience and knowledge from the last two decades into a completely new line of bikes. My desire was to keep things clean and simple, but highly functional while adding more practicality. Things like better rack and cargo solutions, more gears and a sportier but still comfortable ride. Some bikes even got a kick in the pants with the Bosch performance mid-drive system.
I am excited to share my new collection with you. I hope you find it inspiring and it makes you want to ride.

Starting from scratch again after two decades of designing bikes, Benno Baenzinger created his new lineup of urban bikes focusing on clean and simple yet highly functional designs. His goal is to get more people out of their cars and onto bikes.  Benno bikes are the perfect blend of utility, style, comfort, performance, and price. The wide range of cargo and rack options developed specifically for Benno’s bikes provide unique solutions for most people’s transportation needs.